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Safety Tips

Be Mindful of Privacy

When posting content of any kind, it’s important to be aware of where and who you’re sharing with. Avoid including personal details, or the details of other users, in any type of content. Users have the ability to share contact methods and personal details on their profiles if they wish to.

See and Say

If you encounter another user that you wish to not interact with, click the “Block” button visible at the top of their profile. You can click the user’s name on most pages to view their profile.

If another user is violating our guidelines, you can click the “Report” button at the top of their profile. A human moderator will review and follow up if necessary. Accounts found in violation of the guidelines are subject to suspension or termination.

Secure Your Account

Use a strong password consisting of letters, numbers, and symbols. For the best security, use a random password like one recommended by your keychain or password manager.

Users who register using a social network can create a password at any time in Account Settings.

2FA and Passkey support will be enabled soon.

Don’t Share Logins

Membership is open to all – please do not share login credentials

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