MetroWest Nonprofit Network
MetroWest Nonprofit Network

Connecting people and their organizations to
resources, expertise, and each other


The MetroWest Nonprofit Network supports and strengthens the local nonprofit community by connecting people and their organizations to resources, expertise and each other.
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Welcome to our Fall 2018 Seminar Series! Check out the full details below. October 17 - How to Develop a Planned and Progressive Giving Program: Presented by Linda Sutkin and Christopher Brathwaite of William Blair and...
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Homepage Text – FSU and MWNN

Announcing a new partnership with Framingham State University:
‘Framingham State University and the MetroWest Nonprofit Network Partner on New Effort to Train Next Generation of Highly Skilled Nonprofit Employees’

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with the MetroWest Nonprofit Network. Civic engagement is an important part of the University’s mission and we are fortunate to be located in a region that is home to thousands of dynamic nonprofit organizations.”
– Framingham State President F. Javier Cevallos

Our Programs

MetroWest Communications and Development Group
The “MetroWest Communicators” connects nonprofit professionals who are responsible for marketing, public relations and communications. Read more "MetroWest Communications and...
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Lone Rangers
The informal, facilitated group meets for coffee and conversation monthly and offers a sense of community in a climate of growing demands and...
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Through hands-on training, events, and online resources, MWNN provides expertise, support and connections to the people in your nonprofit. To...
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The 2018 Basics and Beyond Bootcamp was a resounding success! Over 40 individuals representing 22 MetroWest nonprofit organizations spent the...
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Fall Series

We are so pleased to bring you a number of outstanding opportunities that focus on maximizing impact, building capacity and expanding your resource network. Take a look at what we have planned over the next few months: