MetroWest Nonprofit Network

MetroWest Nonprofit Network

Connecting people and their organizations to
resources, expertise, and each other


The Nonprofit sector in MetroWest is strongest when we are connected to and learning from one another. (more...)

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All nonprofits in Metrowest are considered members of our community. Your voice is important and strengthens our (more...)


Today’s nonprofit professionals are required to be cross-trained nimble multi-taskers. MWNN offers an approach to learning that is responsive to these new demands. (more...)

Our Programs

MetroWest Communications and Development Group
The “MetroWest Communicators” connects nonprofit professionals who are responsible for marketing, public relations and communications. Read more
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Lone Rangers
The informal, facilitated group meets for coffee and conversation monthly and offers a sense of community in a climate of growing demands and...
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Through hands-on training, events, and online resources, MWNN provides expertise, support and connections to the people in your nonprofit. To...
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