MetroWest Nonprofit Network
MetroWest Nonprofit Network

Connecting people and their organizations to
resources, expertise, and each other


The MetroWest Nonprofit Network supports and strengthens the local nonprofit community by connecting people and their organizations to resources, expertise and each other.
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Happy New Year! New programs and new opportunities are ahead!
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Announcing a new partnership with Framingham State University:
‘Framingham State University and the MetroWest Nonprofit Network Partner on New Effort to Train Next Generation of Highly Skilled Nonprofit Employees’

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with the MetroWest Nonprofit Network. Civic engagement is an important part of the University’s mission and we are fortunate to be located in a region that is home to thousands of dynamic nonprofit organizations.”
– Framingham State President F. Javier Cevallos

Our Programs

Affinity Groups
Informal gatherings with members of the MetroWest community, offering lessons, assistance, and development for fellow non-profits.
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Through hands-on training, events, and online resources, MWNN provides expertise, support and connections to the people in your nonprofit. To...
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Learn from experts in the field - create invaluable connections while learning how to improve and strengthen your own nonprofit.
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Our resource and development partners are helping us reach even more organizations - the nonprofit network is expanding more and more!
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Highlights from Our Fall Series

Highlights from Our Fall Series

Check out some photos from our recent events!

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