MetroWest Nonprofit Network
MetroWest Nonprofit Network

Connecting people and their organizations to
resources, expertise, and each other


The MetroWest Nonprofit Network supports and strengthens the local nonprofit community by connecting people and their organizations to resources, expertise and each other.
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The Basics and Beyond Bootcamp is Coming on June 7, 2018 Click below for more registration information.
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Our Programs

MetroWest Communications and Development Group
The “MetroWest Communicators” connects nonprofit professionals who are responsible for marketing, public relations and communications. Read more "MetroWest Communications and...
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Lone Rangers
The informal, facilitated group meets for coffee and conversation monthly and offers a sense of community in a climate of growing demands and...
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Through hands-on training, events, and online resources, MWNN provides expertise, support and connections to the people in your nonprofit. To...
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The 2018 Basics and Beyond Bootcamp will be held on June 7, 2018 Read more "Bootcamps"
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