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Welcome friends, MWNN is committed to providing you with as much support as we can during these unprecedented times. We know that many of you are dealing with challenges that change day to day. We have added some additional links and resources to our site and hope they will be helpful. PLEASE NOTE SUMMER CHANGES: We have moved our monthly MW LONE RANGERS gathering to a bi-weekly virtual call on every other…

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We are still here for you! Join us on our weekly Zoom call for MW nonprofit leaders who would like to stay connected, reduce isolation…

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MWNN is working hard to continue supporting all our local nonprofit organizations across the MetroWest region. Your contributions not only support MWNN but also strengthen the hundreds of nonprofits who benefit from the resources, connections, and collaborations MWNN creates between peers and organizations.

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MetroWest Nonprofit Network
MetroWest Nonprofit Network17 hours ago
Head, Heart, and Hands - a framework for taking action as we engage in the work of justice, racial equity and inclusion.
#socialjustice #metrowestnonprofitsleadtheway
MetroWest Nonprofit Network
MetroWest Nonprofit Network1 day ago
Today 11:30-12:30 Lunch and Learn Let's Talk about Benefits Options for Nonprofits - Lisa Cardinal and Jim Klocke
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MetroWest Nonprofit Network
MetroWest Nonprofit Network1 week ago
Came across this from the Nonprofit Network -
Policies that can be edited for your own use.
MetroWest Nonprofit Network
MetroWest Nonprofit Network1 week ago
Welcome back Discovery Museum!
MetroWest Nonprofit Network
MetroWest Nonprofit Network2 weeks ago
A shout out of gratitude on this 4th of July to all our MetroWest nonprofits who are fearlessly, passionately, and courageously working to create a just, and equitable America for every citizen.

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