In 1991, nonprofits all over MetroWest were doing good work—but feeling isolated. There was neither a mechanism for sharing ideas nor a low-cost forum for professional development in our region. Meeting over coffee, four staff members of local nonprofits decided that a new network could fill the gaps in MetroWest by offering low-cost workshops where colleagues could meet, share ideas, develop professionally—and perhaps commiserate a little. The four colleagues formed the nucleus of a volunteer steering committee, known as the MetroWest Nonprofit Network (MWNN), and began offering 3-4 workshops annually.

In 2003, MWNN began the monthly Lone Rangers Brown Bag series. In 2007—its 15th anniversary year—MWNN steering committee agreed that it could best serve its mission by incorporating as an independent nonprofit organization and expanding its services to better utilize and showcase the expertise of those working in the nonprofit sector

Today, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, MWNN continues to offer the services and support that MetroWest nonprofits are seeking; opportunities for collaboration and connections to the expertise of their colleagues throughout the region through Lone Rangers Networking Series, monthly MetroWest Communicators meetings, toolbox trainings, and networking events.

MWNN appreciates the support of private and corporate funders, as well as individual donors, who share our goal of strengthening our communities by strengthening the organizations working to meet community needs.