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Join Our Online Community

Each day, MetroWest nonprofits express their needs to us. You’ve asked us to let other nonprofits know about your upcoming events.  You’ve asked us how to find a nonprofit that needs volunteers. You’ve asked us how to find help filling out the 990. You’ve asked us if we know any good freelance copywriters. Basically, you’ve asked us to connect you!

And since the mission of the MetroWest Nonprofit Network is to provide expertise, this site fulfills that perfectly–it’s a combination of our expertise, outside expertise, and YOUR expertise.

What Can You Use It For?

  • Post events or job openings
  • Post volunteer opportunities or find a volunteer opportunity (or on
  • Get advice fast through the easy exchange of expertise via the Forums
  • Set up an internal Group to aid communication within your organization or with other colleagues
  • Find outside resources
  • Link quickly to the MetroWest Nonprofit Network’s resources and services

Who Can Sign Up?

  • Nonprofit organization representatives, members, or volunteers from the MetroWest area
  • Community members
  • Local partners, businesses, and resources that may serve our nonprofit organizations

Get Started!

To sign up for our new online community, please review both our Community Guidelines, as well as our Privacy Policy.

You can now install the MWNN app to connect, collaborate, strengthen, and act - on the go!