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Screenshot of the MWNN website from 2014

Internet Archive: MWNN

Check out these snapshots of the MetroWest Nonprofit Network website from 2014 to today:

Screenshot of the MWNN website from 2014
Screenshot of the MWNN website from 2016
Screenshot of the MWNN website from 2018
Screenshot of the MWNN website from 2020

The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library that was established in 1996. Its goal is to make knowledge universally accessible by collecting and preserving a wide range of digital content. The archive includes websites, books, movies, music, software, and other cultural artifacts. Using web crawling technology, it captures snapshots of websites over time, allowing users to browse past versions through the Wayback Machine. The archive also offers millions of texts, audio recordings, images, and videos, as well as hosting the Open Library project, which aims to create a webpage for every published book. The Internet Archive is dedicated to open access and relies on donations and partnerships to sustain its efforts in preserving and providing access to humanity’s digital heritage.

ChatGPT response to prompt “What is the Internet Archive?”
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