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Let’s Talk About… Creating LGBTQ+ affirming communities

Wednesday, December 2 from 11:30 – 12:30 pm

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How do we create organizations and communities that honor and respect all genders? How does our use of language signal what we value? What steps can we take to challenge systems of oppression in our own organizations? We’re so pleased to bring one of our leading MetroWest nonprofits, OUT MetroWest and Julie Blazar to the Lunch and Learn table on Dec 2nd for this very important honest and informative conversation. Julie will share:

  • A basic overview
  • Appropriate use of pronouns
  • Best practices for LGBTQ+ inclusion (with particular focus on transgender issues)
  • Common questions and answers

About Julie

Julie Blazar (she/her) is the Director of Communications and Outreach for OUT MetroWest, a Framingham-based nonprofit that serves LGBTQ+ youth. OUT MetroWest runs more than a dozen free youth groups each month, in addition to offering events for gender expansive young children and their families. OUT MetroWest groups are social, supportive, and educational and serve to connect LGBTQ+ youth with accepting peers and adult role models. More than half of youth participants are transgender or gender expansive.
Julie is a graduate of Smith College and Harvard Graduate School of Education and worked in schools and colleges for more than a decade before starting at OUT MetroWest in 2015. She lives in Maynard with her family and has called MetroWest home for nearly four decades.

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