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Let’s Talk About…Why video storytelling is a MUST (and why it isn’t as hard as you think)

Wednesday, December 9, 11:30am-12:30pm;

“How are we going to attract more supporters and get them to take action?”

When it comes to building community and engaging with that community, video is a must. But how do you DIY when you’re strapped for time and resources?

COVID has reset expectations for ‘good’ video. We go live from our living rooms and produce content without big budgets. But while the tech bar has lowered, storytelling – and the ability to connect with your audience – remains critical. 
If you want to create strong videos with tech already in reach, join us for a conversation with with Mary Knox Miller, Assistant Director of Multimedia at Harvard Business School and founder of the online community, Nonprofit Video Lab.

Mary Knox will share:

  • 3 ways to get started with video TODAY
  • Simple tools you can use to record + edit
  • Why storytelling is the foundation of strong video

About Mary Knox:

Mary Knox is on a mission to empower nonprofits with the tools of video and the art of storytelling. Since 2014, she’s been creating multimedia content and guiding the visual communications strategy for the MBA Program at Harvard Business School.

A fifteen-year veteran of visual storytelling, Mary Knox started her career as a photojournalist documenting national and international events for The Christian Science Monitor. But after the Haiti 2010 earthquake, she traded her press pass for a campus ID to become part of the community she documented.

Since then, Mary Knox has spent her days filming faculty and students on campus and abroad, all while helping colleagues understand the power of visual stories. 

She and her husband, a director of a Boston nonprofit, live in Sudbury with their three children, two cats and a rowdy goldendoodle.

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