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About Us

Our Vision

We envision a MetroWest nonprofit network in which leaders and organizations are empowered to succeed and collectively create equitable communities through collaboration and resource sharing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen and support the MetroWest nonprofit community by connecting people and their organizations to resources, expertise, and each other.

Our Values

Connect. We believe in the power of connection. We act as a bridge between local nonprofits and the community including volunteers, businesses, funders, community agencies, higher education, students, and aspiring leaders.

Collaborate. We believe in collaboration. We serve as a resource hub for local nonprofits by facilitating alliances as well as systemic partnerships that promote the sharing of best practices, solutions, and innovations.

Strengthen. We believe strong nonprofits contribute to strong communities. The expertise, mentoring, professional development, and peer to peer learning opportunities we provide improves the sustainability and vibrancy of individual organizations and positively impacts the leadership capacity of the sector.

Act. We believe in action. Nonprofits serve a vital role in advancing the work of racial and social justice in our communities. By modeling our values in our own work and emboldening nonprofits with the skills they need to take action, we believe systemic changes can be made that lead to an equitable society that is economically, politically, socially and racially just.

Who We Are

The MetroWest Nonprofit Network (MWNN) has strengthened the region’s nonprofit organizations by connecting them to resources that will help them to meet their missions efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively since it was established in 1991.

MWNN services small and medium-sized nonprofits based in the MetroWest area of eastern Massachusetts (approximately the area bordered by Routes 128, 495, 1A, and 2).  However, we enjoy the participation of people from all over the state, especially Greater Boston and central Massachusetts.

MWNN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  We are not a membership organization; the public is welcome to attend our events and use our services.

You can now install the MWNN app to connect, collaborate, strengthen, and act - on the go!